2018 Trending Colors and Designs

Are you ready for the new updates for Trending Colors and Designs to help you with your home project ideas? According to many experts in the industry, the biggest trends for kitchen and bath include the following:

Quartz over other Natural Stones

With its durability and incredible finishes, quartz has become and currently remains the number one product to consider when starting your kitchen and bathroom projects. While surfaces such as granite have a main flaw in that it’s porous, quartz offers a non-porous, stain resistant surface that doesn’t require sealing. And although in the past many felt quartz lacked variety in designs, modern manufacturing techniques have improved so that quartz can now offer styles, and designs that were previously only available through natural stones.

Blue, Non-Traditional Colors are In

At the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, there was a seemingly break away from traditional colors, as blue colors were the top colors for all types of appliances including cabinets, faucets and even sinks. Gray and Navy also remain a constant choice for cabinets among those looking to lighten up their kitchen space.


Sinks made with Stone

Though traditional porcelain tends to be a common choice, hand crafted stone sinks are becoming more trendy. When combined with a matching solid quartz counter, these stone stinks can be a beautiful addition to kitchens and bathrooms.

Source: Accessa 2018 Color Trends Report