Care and Maintenance


Quartz is very easy to clean and maintain by nature.

By cleaning the surface daily with just a damp cloth and water, you can keep it clean and shiny for a lifetime.

Quartz is stain resistant so any stain can be easily wiped off if it has spread on the surface for a few minutes.


Sometimes, you may face some more difficult stains which can make cleaning troublesome. Here are some tips for such situations:

Coffee/Wine: Use warm water with a damp cloth, and can use light bleach to increase the effectiveness. It’s also recommended to clean immediately before they dry.

Gums/Polish: Use a plastic knife or something similar, then carefully and gently scrape the gums (or other sticky substance). Then clean up with water.

Cooking Grease: Use a cooking degreaser to clean it with a cloth and then re-clean with water. Try to avoid any cleaner with bleach ingredients.

Also there are some items that we should avoid to keep the slab durable. Even though quartz is heat and scratch resistance, we highly recommend avoiding direct contact with high heat source as well as sharp objects. Use pads or pot linings for your pots, and chopping boards when using a knife.