Who is Casla Group?


Casla Group is a holding company that overseas CASABLANCA Vietnam JSC, as well as Casla Prosurfaces Corporation. With several state-of-the-art factories in the outskirts of Hanoi, Vietnam, the company specializes in green product manufacturing, as well as stone manufacturing. Casla Group has 15 years of manufacturing experience for the international market.

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How does Caslaquartz® differ from others?


Compared to Marble and Granite stone, Caslaquartz® is far more advanced. Caslaquartz® is made from up to 93% of natural quartz, which makes it an ultra-strong surface. Unlike natural stone, Caslaquartz® is non-porous, water resistant and requires no sealing. Check our comparison chart here for more ideas.


With the newest technology patented by Breton, Caslaquartz® is produced using the best quality in the market, and with innovative designs and colors, Caslaquartz® will bring you the perfect solution for your surfaces.


Will Caslaquartz® be durable?


Quartz is one of the hardest natural minerals on Earth so it is very strong and durable. Caslaquartz® is also crack and scratch resistant.



Caslaquartz® is stain resistant to substances such as coffee, fruit juice, wine, sauce, etc.



Is it easy to clean and maintain Caslaquartz®?


Caslaquartz® requires low maintenance due to its resistance to stains. For most of the stains, you will only need a damp cloth and warm water to remove them.

For more specific tips, please check our information on Care and Maintenance.

Is Caslaquartz® safe for direct food contact?


Caslaquartz® is highly resistant to bacteria, and it’s generally safe for food contact.

What is the warranty for Caslaquartz®?


Caslaquartz® offers 10 years of warranty for residential and commercial use.

For more details, please check our warranty policy.