Simple Quartz Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

Minimal Designs

The minimalist idea has come to counter tops as well. People’s lives have become so busy that at least kitchen and bathroom counters should be clutter free. Items that take up space -- microwaves, coffee makers, toasters, etc. -- are being placed into cabinets and off the countertops. With less appliances in the way, one can enjoy a cleaner feel when using the counters.

Quartz Countertops

While many considered natural stones such as granite and marble in the past, nowadays homeowners are turning to quartz, due to its non-porous, stain resistant qualities which do not requiring any sealing. And due to modern manufacturing techniques that allow a diverse set of colors and designs, there is little reason not to consider quartz for a modern countertop.

Industrial Feel

In recent years, an increasing amount of industrial, traditional design has and will continue entering the kitchen spaces, following a trend that’s been apparent in other rooms of the home. Gray and Navy also are some of the trendy colors when it comes to cabinets that help complement the feel and color of quartz counters.